Friday, July 8, 2011


Wednesday night, when Master left for work, He took me to bed like always....but unlike always He did not tuck me in under the covers. "You need to text me and ask permission to go to the bathroom tonight, and don't cover up" is all He said on His way out the door.

Now, you need to understand that it could be 100 degrees outside and i'm under the covers; i'm the type of person that is always cold and Master HATES my cold feet, which never seem to get warm. So, for Him to tell me to stay uncovered in bed with the window a/c just a few feet away and blowing directly on my naked body was a very difficult limit to obey.

Within half an hour i was shivering, laying on one side long enough to warm it up and then quickly flipping onto the other side to warm it up, cuddling my round cuddly pillow (which i am allowed on nights when Master is at work) between my breasts long enough to warm my front up and then quickly placing it behind my back in an effort to spread the warmth. It was excruciatingly difficult for me by this point not to just climb under the covers, and i was soooo tired.

Fifteen more minutes goes by and now i'm soooo cold that i have to pee, really really bad. So, i text Master and ask Him if i can please, please go to the bathroom. Within a few minutes i recieve a text back telling me that i may go and that He will send me another message when He decides i may cover up. So, i get up and run to the bathroom, taking comfort in the warmth that comes from moving my body and getting out from in front of the a/c.

When i get back to the bed, i check the clock (i'm always checking the clock, bad habit that Master is trying to break) and it's 8:45...OMG, it's only been 45 minutes since Master put me in bed and left for work, how am i ever going to survive the night?

A while later, half asleep and too cold to care anymore i sleepily reach down to the foot of the bed and grab the quilt, shake it out and cover up with it. i know i will be punished but i am so tired and so cold i give up, i just want to be warm and sleep. Once covered, i quickly snuggle down and fall alseep.

A very short time later, the phone wakes me. It's Master, texting me to let me know i may cover up. Too late, i'm already covered up. And then i look at the time on the's only 9:30 *groan.* I'm going to be punished because i couldn't stay on top of the covers for an hour and a half and it was only like ten minutes after i finally covered up that Master finally texted me. So guilty did i feel that i did not sleep well the rest of the night.

In the morning, Master came home, got our son out of bed, woke me up, and got in the shower. i got up, took the dogs out, came back in and went straight to Master to confess my wrong before my guilt ate me up. He said He would take care of it later, right now He wanted me to stop worrying about it, get my chores done and let Him take a nap.

So, the day goes by and i try not to think about my coming punishment. There are a few spankings here and there throughout the day as Master corrects my inappropriate behaviors (like being snippy and not getting LP buckled in his carseat). Then evening rolls around, LP goes to bed, Master calls me to the living room and commands me to strip naked and get on my elbows and knees in front of Him. Still, this is not my punishment for disobeying Him the night before, this is just a time He wants to spend admiring my body and obedience to Him.

Time passes, occassionally Master reaches out and rubs His hands over my butt or pussy lips, telling me how much He enjoys His property and that this is one of His favorite sites. Then, He commands me to turn around and tells me how much of a good girl i was, being so good and still for Him, but that it is time to discuss the punishment i have earned.

He tells me to go to the bedroom and get on the bed, with the paddle. i do as commanded. He comes in behind me and spends a few minutes warming me up, but not much since this is about punishment and not pleasure. Then, He tells me that the first part of my punishments is 20 whacks with the leather side of the paddle, and that they will NOT be easy whacks, but hard and they will hurt a lot. i try my hardest not to cry out as Master delivers this part of my punishment, but it is very hard and i do cry out a few times before it is all done.

That wasn't nearly as bad as Master had led me to believe it would be, when He had told me earlier in the day that my punishment was going to be very uncomfortable. i sit up and thank Master for taking the time to punish me, tell Him how truly sorry i am for pushing limits and not obeying Him.Then, Master reminds me that He had said that was only the first part of my punishment, and as i watch Him, He picks up the throw blankets off the stand next to His bed, grabs two pillows off the bed and spreads it all out on the floor.

Last night, as punishment for not listening Wednesday night, i had to sleep on the floor all night. Worst punishment ever. My large hips were not made for laying on the floor for an extended amount of time. Ten minutes on this side and then i had to roll over to that side before the pain was unbearable. Back and forth and back and forth i went all night. Talk about not sleeping well...but trust me, i stayed on the floor the whole night. No way was i gonna risk climbing up in Master's big bed and getting an even worse punishment (or god forbid sentenced to the floor for the weekend, when Master was at home at night to cuddle with).


  1. You are a good submissive despite your rerfusal to obey your coldness punishment.Even good submissives must be punished at times. Your master taking away the punishment quite soon shows he knew it would be a severe punishment too.

  2. You are a good submissive despite your rerfusal to obey your coldness punishment.Even good submissives must be punished at times. Your master taking away the punishment quite soon shows he knew it would be a severe punishment too.